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We work hard to ensure your pet is happy and healthy while in our care. Read our reviews from current customers and if you have used our services, please let us know how it went below.

Quotes Twin Cities Pets, watched our 3 dogs when we were out of town. I would highly recommend their services! They came 3 times a day, feed the dogs, and took them on walks. We also had a relative stop in and check on them. They noticed how calm and relaxed they were and we knew they were being well cared for. They gave me daily updates as to how they were doing. One of the dogs had an accident on their bed and they even washed the bed! Next time we go out of town, we will be using them again. They are great with animals, very kind, and all around nice people! Quotes
Carol F

Quotes Alex and Marea were highly recommended to me by a friend who uses them every day for dog walking. I have since used them twice to care for my 3 dogs and 1 cat while I have been away on vacation. At the initial meet and greet, my animals ....even my most shy...were drawn to both of them. Alex and Marea both exhibited such warmth towards them that I knew they were the right caregivers for my animals. They are extremely responsible and pay special attention to each animal's special qualities. The daily updates are awesome and help me to not stress out while I am away. When I return home, my home is well-kept and my animals are stress free. Blue, Grover, Lucia, Malik and I would definitely recommend Twin Cities Pets! Quotes
Anne S

Quotes Marea has provided cat sitting services for our two cats multiple times throughout the last year. She is very reliable and trustworthy. One of our cats has diabetes and requires insulin shots twice daily. Marea always makes sure he gets his shot on time as required. She always provides text message updates when we are out of town and when we get home the cats are always happy which is the best sign of a good cat sitter. I highly recommend Marea and Twin Cities Pets. Quotes
Becca W

Quotes I recently adopted a rescue dog and Marea started providing petsitting and dogwalking services for me a couple months ago. I am extremely pleased with her services! She is excellent with Myah! Myah unfortunately had a pretty rough and abusive first couple years of life. She is now in a very loving and caring home - and she has a wonderful petsitter, dog walker and friend in Marea!! I have been working on some training with Myah since she pulls on a leash, jumps up, etc. Marea not only walks Myah, but also assists me in working on the leash pulling! She is very patient and kind to Myah! I would highly recommend Marea and her services. She is friendly, flexible (my sched is always changing), responsive - and excellent with Myah! I would act as a reference anytime for Marea and Twin Cities Pets. Quotes
Very Satisfied Client

Quotes The folks at Twin Cities Pets walk my dog every day, Monday through Friday. I am very happy with their service. They are dependable and reliable, and Roxie loves them. They also communicate very well with me and are flexible with my sometimes crazy schedule. Quotes
Kim S

Quotes Alex cared for my two "babies" (a chihuahua and cat) while I was in Jamaica for 6 days and my fiancee and I couldn't have been more pleased! The animals were happy and healthy when I got back and our garden was in surprisingly good shape thanks to Alex's willingness to do some plant watering for us! I was very happy to receive detailed daily updates on how the animals were and how their visits went, and even more pleased I didn't break the bank paying to board them at a kennel. Twin Cities Pets rates were very reasonable and I'll definitely use them again in the future. Quotes
Megan B

Quotes Alex is the perfect pet care provider. He is responsible, trustworthy and, above all, kind. He is never late. My three dogs would know as they wait anxiously for his arrival every day. He took time to understand each dog's personality and never puts his needs above theirs. If they are fine in the rain, so is he! But, the best endorsements came from my neighbors. I have been stopped twice and asked who is walking my dogs (Alex is helping as I recover from surgery). Both neighbors volunteered the same - that Alex is fantastic with the dogs. Both noticed how gentle and calm he is. Both exclaimed how lucky we are to have found him. I couldn't agree more! Quotes
Kristin U

Quotes Marea and Alex are all someone could wish for in someone to care for their pets. They are professional, responsible, and very good with animals. It is very nice to go away and know someone is with my pets who treat them as well as I do. I have a cat and 2 dogs who are a little "special needs" and Marea and Alex understand their needs and treat them with patience, which is not something all people can do. With their experience they are able to tailor the care they give to individual animals as well as to owners' needs, making the process smooth and giving peace of mind for the pets and owners alike. Quotes
Mary M
Patient Pet Sitters

Quotes I have 3 older pets - 2 cats and a dog. The dog has incontinence issues and also doesn't react well if she's boarded or stays with someone else. I was recently faced with having knee replacement surgery, and needed to have someone stay at my place while I was in the hospital. I interviewed Alex and his wife Marea, and they got down on the floor, and started playing with Lady. They both seemed so genuinely interested in the animals and comfortable in being with them. They offered to send me daily text message updates on how "the girls" were doing while I was recovering. I really liked that idea. And that was very comforting while I was in the hospital. What impressed me the most was that when I got home, Lady was excited to see me, but didn't seem distressed at all. My home was left in excellent order, and they were kind enough to do the linens on the bed they used because a friend was coming to stay with me to help me during my recovery. I wholeheartedly recommended Alex and Marea. Quotes
Addie M.
A Huge Help

Quotes I recently had Alex and his wife, Marea, taking care of my three-year-old Finnish Spitz and Chow Mix, Barker, for one week. Barker is really fluffy, and enjoy winter walks twice (at least 40-50 minute each time) per day. I am very impressed by their services. Both of them were showing great passion in dogs and they care about the very details to make Barker feel more comfortable. After walking Barker each time, they played with him and gave him treats. They also brushed his coat to keep him in good shape. There were a few days they offer to bring my dog to their places just to make him feel less lonely. My dog really enjoy being with them. In addition, I love the way they sent me detailed updates everyday via email about how the dog is doing. I highly recommended Alex and Marea, and I would definitely contact them again next time when I am out. Quotes
Qing B.
Great Dog Services