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Dog Park Visits in St Paul, MN

Group dog park visits are great for high energy dogs. If your pup is bouncing off the walls when you get home from work let us wear them out at the dog park for you. They will get to run free their pals. The visit will last 50-60 minutes and your pup will be away from home for 1-2 hours.

The dog park we go to depends on your neighborhood. Visits go to Battle Creek in Maplewood, High bridge and Arlington-Arkwright in St Paul, Airport dog park in and Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. A license will be required for entry to Minnehaha park. We can assist you in obtaining a dog park license.

All dog park dogs are required to have proof of all vaccinations. Dog park visits are good for dog friendly dogs. Dogs showing any aggression can not participate in dog park activities. Leashed walks may be possible.

Dog park visits include

  • Transportation to and from the park.

  • Fresh water while at the park.

  • A good toweling off in wet or snowy weather.

  • Lots of running, playing and socializing with friends.

Romp at the St Paul dog park.

                           60 Minutes - $32

                                       * $10/dog for every additional dog
                                       * Service not available on major holidays.

Service available in St Paul, Maplewood, Woodbury and Mendota heights