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Twin Cities Pets

Green Dog Walking and Pet Sitting 


Being Green

It is very important that we take every measure we can to make everything we do to be more eco-friendly, so that includes our pet care. You can count on us to take every measure we can to protect the health of your pet and the earth.
  • Nontoxic cleaning products
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Recycled office products
  • Paper-free billing and forms


Our dog walking times include the time entering and leaving your home or building. If you will be leaving town you are required to provide one set of keys for home or building entrance to your sitter at the meet and greet. We can provide a lock box to store the key at your home if you would like, otherwise keys are securely stored at our office. If you are only using dog walking services you can opt to have the walker access the house with a garage code. Be aware if there is no electricity your walked will not be able to access your home and it will be considered a cancellation. If we arrive at your home and your dog is not available or if we are unable to gain access to your home during a scheduled dog walk, you will be fully charged for dog walking services.


Due to safety concerns, we will not walk dogs in extreme heat (above 100 degrees), extreme cold (below 0 degrees) or heavy rain as it is unsafe for the health of your dog, however we can adjust for the needs of each individual animal. Instead we will visit your dog in your home, let them out for a potty break then give him/her lots of attention (brushing, playing with toys, and basic obedience training). If your pet is not interested in attention inside your home we will cut the visit to 15 minutes and only charge for that amount of time. If MN/DOT advises no travel or if roads are closed we will contact you to formulate a plan for the care of your animals.

If it snows while you are away we will not shovel. We will shovel a small area if your pet requires it for outside breaks, but we can not shovel the sidewalk or driveway. During the winter please arrange for your shoveling to be done if it snows while you are away.

Health Care

All animals must be vaccinated and have had flea/tick preventative applied on a 4-6 week schedule. Collars must be fitted and not loose. Should the pet sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to any disease or ailment received from your animal which has not been properly and currently vaccinated, it will be your responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred by the victim.


Dogs that are not spayed or neutered will be unable to participate in group services. Twin Cities Pets reserves the right to refuse any services or use of its facilities for dogs who, in its sole determination, are unhealthy, act aggressively, are undisciplined, evidence inappropriate behavior or who may otherwise be a danger to themselves or other animals or users. Twin Cities Pest does not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your dog’s leash, collar or harness while in our care. Furthermore, Twin Cities Pets will not be held liable for any illness or ailment which a dog may incur while in the presence of other dogs our care for any reason, or otherwise. You must undertake full responsibility for your dog and his or her actions. As our client, you agree to assume the risks and hazards that might be expected to arise from such use of our services and your dog's interaction with other animals. Twin Cities Pets shall not be responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for injuries to your dog that may arise in the course of play which may be caused by the presence or actions of other dogs. If Twin Cities Pets, in its sole discretion, determines that client's pet poses an immediate danger to health or safety of our pet sitter or if concerns prohibit our pet sitter from caring for pet, your pet will be placed in a kennel, with all charges there from to be charged to you.


The recommended time for placing a reservation is two months in advance. In order for Twin Cities Pets to guarantee care for your pet we need an advanced notice in the event your usual pet caretaker is over booked or we are filled due to seasonal scheduling. To make a reservation, you can contact us via phone at 612-222-2310 or by email at


Payment is due as services are rendered. Regular clients are billed weekly for accrued services and payment is due the Monday after. Certain services require partial or full payment in advance.

A surcharge of $5 per pet will apply for any pets in excess of 2 dogs and 2 cats. A holiday charge of $10 per day will apply on New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Twin Cities Pets will adjust prices for partial day services.

We accept cash and checks.

Payment via Checks should be made payable to "Twin Cities Pets." Checks can be mailed or left with your dog walker. Mail can be sent to us at "Twin Cities Pets, 541 Superior Street, St Paul, MN 55102."

If you feel your pet sitter did a super job, you may include a tip in your final payment or leave cash or check just for them. Any payment received over the billed amount will be forwarded in full to your pet sitter, unless otherwise noted.

Please be advised, Twin Cities Pets reserves the right to terminate services or suspend memberships if overdue balances persist for over a period of time or exceeds $150.00. A finance charge of 5% per month will be added to unpaid balances after thirty (30) days. A handling fee ($30) will be charged on all returned checks. In the event it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings on the account. Client will be responsible for all attorney's fees and costs of collection.


Cancellation notification for all other is required to be made at least 24 hours prior to service. Notification within 24 hours of dog walking service will still accrue a full charge for services. Notification less than 3 days before the start of overnight pet sitting services will still accrue a half charge for services which can be applied to future service minus a $50 administrative fee.